Contingency Reviews

We also provide other reviews and audits to save and/or recover monies for our clients. These include:

  • Workers’ Compensation (also known as Workman’s Comp) Audits
  • Wireless (Cell Phone/Tablet) Billing Reviews
  • Small Parcel Freight Audits

Workers’ Compensation, the insurance coverage which provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment, is usually attained via an insurance broker who buys the policy from the handful of insurers which originate policies. In our experiences 90% of policies we look at have mistakes! Premium errors can be caused due to errors in billing, auditing, ratings, codes, claims handling, and classifications. Missed deductions and credits also account for larger than necessary premiums. Mistakes usually favor the insurance company. Unless you are familiar with the rules and regulations used to calculate premiums there is a good chance that your business has been overcharged.

We look at 40 different points to find these errors which likely causes your firm to be overcharged. Our auditors will take on this mission of recovering costs for the last 3~5 years, the time span depends on your policy. If we find some recovery we charge a percentage. If there is none there is no charge and you should feel good that you are not being overcharged, but the great thing about doing an audit: If cost recovery recovery is realized (highly likely as aforementioned ) your firm will save on all future Workers’ Compensation policy costs once the audit has been completed and refund is requested!

Who qualifies: We are looking for firms which spend $100K on an annual basis and up.

Objection: Our CPA already looks at our policy. Most CPAs do a very simple investigation by looking at things like headcount and the easy-to-spot errors. That is not to say that your CPA is not doing his/her job but audits of this nature are a totally different animal. Our lead auditor has 20 years experience recovering costs for a lot of Fortune 500 firms and our SME clients. With minimal paperwork and time on your part, we will conduct a full, offsite Policy Review looking for such errors on your behalf. Our audits can go back years and years and if successful we will find the errors that have caused overbilling, file for recovery on your behalf, and secure either a refund or credit to your account.

Wireless Billing Reviews for cell phones and tablets is a practice that not a lot of companies do but should. It can be a somewhat tedious process for a company employee looking at monthly bill statements which can be 600~700 pages long. This is not an audit to catch past overcharges, as the window to dispute is but one month, but rather an analysis to reduce costs going forward.

We have ability to reduce your expenses without changing carriers, phones or numbers but rather we look to optimize your calling/data plans. Our service is very specific. We will perform a detailed analysis of your monthly wireless bills, we will look at how each user actually uses the phones and then we will recommend and (with your approval) implement the plan that is right for your company, for your specific usage. This is not a service being offered by your carrier, it is not in their best interest. Once we have implemented our recommended plan with your carrier we will manage the monthly bills and look for additional savings opportunities all while saving you time. We become your wireless auditor, available to your team, any time, to discuss anything that has to do with your account.

We have worked with hundreds of businesses in the past. Our fee is a percentage of savings, nothing out of pocket. With only the last three detailed monthly invoices, we will offer a free, no-obligation recommendation and show you what we can do for you. With your approval we will implement the changes with the carrier and audit the monthly bills electronically looking for additional savings opportunities. We become your offsite wireless expense auditor, paid for out of savings.

Our main analyst has done this for 10 years for every carrier! We will manage your billing online. Any time you might want to change plans (add phones, delete and/or modify accounts) you can always call us first to get advice.

Who qualifies? We are looking for firms which spend a minimum of $1,000 per month which translates into 15~20 users. We have clients spending over $200,000 per month. We average 25% go forward savings but have achieved over 50%. Reduced expenses can be effective as soon as the next billing cycle. With minimal paperwork we can take a look and see if we can help your firm.

Small Parcel Freight Audits are useful for manufacturing firms and the like which use firms like FedEx, UPS and USPS to send small parcels.

Our electronic system connects to your account to ensure promised delivery times are met. We find that on average 5~10% of shipments are not delivered as promised, to wit your firm is due a refund. These courier firms will not tell you that you’re owed a refund.

We have partnered with hundreds of large clients to recover funds on small parcel freight charges.

Who qualifies? We are looking for firms which spend a minimum of $1,000 per month.
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