Cost Recovery and Cost Savings

Cost Recovery USA logoCost Recovery USA provides a wealth of cost recovery and cost saving services for companies anywhere in the United States.

For commercial real estate we provide cost segregation studies, consulting on property tax reduction and help owners get EPAct (also known as Section 179D) tax deductions for energy efficiency new builds or fitouts for existing properties.  We also help firms to Federal R&D tax credits, hiring tax credits, and perform audits and studies to help companies with cash flow by finding solutions to recover costs as well as save going forward.  There are over 100 local, state and federal government programs we look at to find money which firms may be unaware to provide cash flow.  Click onto some of our other pages for more details.

Our team is comprised of tax professionals and attorneys, appraisers, LEED-accredited professionals, engineers and project managers with over 100 years of combined experience. We partner with CPAs and architects, commercial real estate professionals, lighting manufacturers and HVAC firms to maximize our clients’ potential cost recovery and/or cost savings.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to see if your firm qualifies. Our services are ALL performance based, you will not be charged UNLESS we can discover some savings in through costs, rebates, tax savings or incentives, and/or in other cost recovery areas. For the firms which do qualify the average range of benefit is in the range of $150,000~$300,000!

Some of the Policy Acts we work from are:
• American Recovery & Reinvestment Act
• SBJA (Small Business Jobs Act)
• HIRE Act
• Economic Stability Act
• Energy Policy Act

Kindly navigate to our other pages for more info on the various studies and audits we perform to assist organizations with undiscovered money which likely may available for your firm. It only costs a little bit of time to discover if there is “free money” available!

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